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Hawkeye Home Watch Services, LLC is a private company in Sarasota, Florida serving Palmer Ranch and the surrounding communities. Whether you are a seasonal, part-time or full time resident, we create an individualized service agreement for your property providing peace of mind when you are away from your home. We've devised a thorough checklist to scrutinize a home's interior and exterior. After completing our review, we immediately report any potential problems and can help you coordinate and oversee remedial action.


Licensed and insured ourselves, we make sure our pre-screened service providers have these professional credentials as well. When your house is regularly surveyed for small home management issues, those issues  stay small, and sometimes our intervention makes professional repair unnecessary.  Even when there are no concerns to relay, each property survey comes with photographs and a report.


Hawkeye Home Watch Services' commitment to high quality standards provide you with the assurance that your home's security, livability, and  investment value will be maintained in your absence.  Call or email us today.

 Home Watch Services | Sarasota

Close Attention

We pay close attention to your home when you are gone so you don't have to.

Problem Solvers

After completing our review, we immediately convey any potential problems and will help you coordinate and oversee remedial action.

After each survey, we will submit easy to read reports back to you. They will be a combination of written, photos, and video if required.

Survey Reports

Free consultation

Contact us today for your free assessment. We live close by and are happy to stop over to take a look at your property.

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